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Embrace the eir standard

Embrace the eir standard

eir commitment to quality

Our concrete looks like the purest cement, not just a recycled-material based GFRC concrete. Years of painstaking testing and refinement have uncovered the secrets to a more beautiful, more sustainable product. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in our manufacturing process, and every eir product is handcrafted and carefully inspected. We challenge you to compare our work next to our competitors – our colours are purer and our concrete are more refined.

eir legacy of innovation

Our company was founded on the idea that we could make a better concrete everything. While we loved the organic beauty, we also saw endless creative possibilities with such a malleable medium. The problem was that the industry in North America wasn’t quite there. In our early days as Cemento, Inc. – we worked closely with top architects in residential and commercial spaces. Creating custom designs and literally creating the mold for the industry. Our innovations have risen to new heights with 3D tiled wall cladding and intricately patterned panels. We’re so very pleased to extend into home as eir, and look forward to lighting up the social moments and spaces in your home for generations to come.

eir mission for sustainability

To create heritage, we need to ensure there’s a future for our next generations. Our search for beauty has been matched by our drive to create an ever more sustainable product that solves the issues of the environment. We use as much recycled material as possible to ensure minimum new materials need to be created for our beautiful products. Our proprietary protectant on our fire pit tables is actually mixed into the concrete – so as it ages and it’s sanded for stains or chips, it doesn’t lose its colours or protection. We use no harmful chemicals for humans.

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