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Madera concrete wall cladding

Choosing concrete decor that’s truly sustainable

These days, no one wants to sacrifice sustainability for beauty, but not everything is equally sustainable.
concrete wall tiles

A fresh take on the new concrete trend

Nothing quite compares to the organic beauty of concrete: hard and smooth as stone, but moldable into myriad shapes and patterns. Stunning fire pit tables, elegant dining tables, distinctive wall cladding - concrete isn't just for outdoor living anymore. The possibilities are infinite and the decor world has embraced statement pieces and accents that add a modern vibe.

eir’s Nova fire table debuts on CityLine with Suzanne Dimma

The eir Nova fire table made its TV debut in stle with design darling Suzanne Dimma on CityLine. The centrepiece of her very chic backyard makeover, the fire table was paired with a concrete propane cover that doubled as a side table - perfect when entertaining on a warm summer evening. Look out for more concrete trend stories from the June 25, 2021, episode.