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A fresh take on the new concrete trend

How to bring concrete into your home in unique and stylish ways

concrete wall tiles

Nothing quite compares to the organic beauty of concrete: hard and smooth as stone, but moldable into myriad shapes and patterns. Stunning fire pit tables, elegant dining tables, distinctive wall cladding – concrete isn’t just for outdoor living anymore. The possibilities are infinite and the decor world has embraced statement pieces and accents that add a modern vibe.

For an exceptionally stunning infusion of concrete style, eir’s signature patterns make for a beautiful, textured accent wall or unique space. Maximalist or minimalist – the modern, cleanly designed wall tiles work with any décor style. And the handcrafted artisan wall cladding panels are surprisingly light and easy to install without the need for grout.


The Vida with its linear curves nods quietly to exotic takes:

Vida concrete wall cladding


Madera’s natural wood texture elevates rustic vibes for urban or country houses:

Madera concrete wall cladding


Lihera’s classic pitted concrete creates loft style in modern homes:

Lihera concrete wall cladding


Thanks to innovation in GFRC concrete is more usable, making concrete material up to 80% lighter. eir concrete has such high quality craftsmanship that experts have a hard time believing it’s not standard concrete, even after they touch and hold it.


What’s GFRC concrete?
Glass-fibre reinforced concrete.


What makes eir wall cladding superior?
eir has a higher than normal volume of recycled material, making it one of the most environmentally friendly concrete solutions available. There’s even less use of new materials and reuse of existing material. For very special commercial projects, eir has an extended line of large-order tiles with custom colours.


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